Return Policy

If you receive a damaged or incorrect item, notify us immediately. PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE BACK PART TO RECEIVE A RETURN LABEL. Returning the part is the responsibility of the customer, and the item must be returned within 7 business days from the receipt of the return label. The address to which you need to return the goods will be indicated at the time of conclusion of the contract. Items must be returned to the address provided upon receipt of the RMA.

If you return any items to Quality Car Part, we will be redirected to the correct address specified in the RMA instructions at your expense. We will refund as soon as we receive the goods. NO OPERATING COSTS are covered for any parts sold by Quality Car Part.

If we find that the part is defective, we will first try to replace it, and if the replacement cannot be sent, we will refund the full refund of the total sale. Goods that you return must come to us before the warranty expires in order to receive a refund. Return shipping charges are not refundable. If the return is caused by any other reasons other than those indicated above (for example, the customer ordered the wrong part, the customer does not need the part, etc.), the Return may be due to a 25 percent commission for returning the goods and withholding the amount of delivery upon return. Before ordering, contact a mechanical specialist, the actual part had to be ordered.

We will make sure that we send the correct parts. Any items returned after the expiration of the warranty period are non-refundable and will be returned to the sender. The deadline for receipt of the items will be within 30 days from the date of initial delivery to be accepted.


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