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About Our Used Engines

Whether you are a mechanic in search of a quality used engine to swap in or a DIY car owner with a blown engine that needs to be replaced, you can come to us for the most reliable used engines at the most affordable prices. At Engine Transmission Sale, we specialize in every type of used gasoline and diesel engine from all the top American and import auto makers: Chevrolet, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, Nissan and many more. Our quality used motors are suitable for all applications including daily drivers, street cars, show cars, and race builds.

Although our used engines for sale won’t cost you an arm and a leg, they are never cheap or low quality, but instead, always promise to exceed your every expectation. We perform a thorough inspection of our used engines during our Quality Assessment to ensure the motor is in working condition.

In addition to offering the highest quality used engines, we proudly provide exceptional customer service in every step of your purchase. When you call our team, we will help you find the perfect motor using your vehicle’s year, make, model. You may also look up remanufactured and crate engines in our advanced automotive catalog on our website.

Once you find just the right used motor for your car, complete your purchase by checking out in your customized shopping cart or calling one of our customer service representatives. After you search for “used engines near me” and click on our site, simply select your vehicle’s year, make, model to find the matching engine code and complete the order. After submitting your order, we will have a complete replacement engine sent straight to your door. We provide fast and free shipping so you can get your vehicle on the road faster for less money.

Best Price Guarantee

Whether you want to upgrade your engine or need a quality replacement option, make the smart choice and get a quality engine from our team at Engine Transmission Sale, a leader in the engine and transmission replacement industry. Give us a call to make sure if a particular remanufactured engine will match up to your vehicle. Once we find you the right remanufactured engine, we will submit your order, provide you with fast and free shipping, and a 5-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty Parts & Labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Remanufactured engine works like a new engine, and it will last long the same as a new one. Sometimes remanufactured engines last longer than a new one with an average number.


Ans: Yes, replacing means simply you buy another one which would cost you full amount rather rebuild an engine just cost half of what you will pay for the replacement.


Ans: one thing should be noticed by the consumers that do not get confused between used engine and remanufactured engine because remanufactured are quality assured products with expertise hands whereas used ones are taken out from old vehicles and maybe from some damaged cars, so it may be scrapped. It may sometimes get risky without inspection usage of this kind of product.


Ans : So instead of r buying vehicles, buying a remanufactured engine would be a good option which would make your car’s life long-lasting in a low budget. Your car problem will fix up to less amount of money.


A rebuilt engine has only had the broken or worn parts rebuilt in the engine. A rebuilt engine is like putting a bandaid on the problem instead of solving it. In contrast, a remanufactured engine from Car Part Planet has had ALL of internal components replaced or re-machined to OEM standards or better to address all of the manufacturer defects.


Ultimately, a rebuilt engine or transmission will last longer than their used counterparts 9 times out of 10. However, the best option is a remanufactured engine or transmission since they are repaired to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications which is better than a rebuild.



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